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April 6, 2014 Pro-Climber Jonathan Siegrist’s got something to say – Check it out !

This is a simple, cost-effective, "strange looking," "miracle" of a device designed to keep your arms and hands in their best working condition. Armaid looks this odd way to give you the personal power of leverage and professional massage techniques for fixing your own tight forearms, painful elbows and sore hands. Proven to rapidly relieve and prevent problems without fatigue.

• ultimate portability 1 lb. • no table needed • 4-interchangeable rollers •
• professional grade • 10-year warranty • 99.95$ package • 100% USA made •

"love" • "priceless" • "honest" • "kiss the inventor" • "addictive"

Armaid Rollers

White Roller

The most popular and 2nd most dense roller for Armaid. Designed for general use on the arm, elbow and...

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Black Roller

The softest of the 4 rollers. To be used when gentle circulation needs to be introduced into highly...

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Orange Roller

Extreme therapy.  Created because of client demand.  This is the most dense roller and is...

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