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• May 24 - A. Graham, Colorado

Can you please apply the military discount to my purchase?  I'm a C130 pilot for the Navy. 

• May 24 - K. Lampe, Netherlands

Today I came across your product, and I'm impressed by it. It really looks like it could help a lot of people at my climbing gym and gymnastics association.

• May 18 - Marie

I absolutely love it and already have 2 people interested in purchasing one for themselves.  Again thank you so much for getting it to me! You are a life saver since my forearms are a crazy mess! :)

• May 17 - Kevin O’Sullivan

I never know that my tendonitis was from muscle tightness and now am treating the muscle pain. This is a great system.  I have had chronic tendonitis for the past 18 months and keep getting cortisone shots which wear off.  A friend told me about Armaid.  I now believe that I am getting to the root cause and will solve my problem. Great invention.

• April 24 - The Climbing Doctor

I just received the new batch of Armaids. Thank you so much! Looking forward to continuing to spread the word about them, using them for my injury prevention clinics and giving them to the top rock climbers.

• April 12 - C. Copple, Wisconsin

I’m feeling better in my wrists after a couple weeks. I was developing carpal tunnel and this therapy seems to be working.

• April 7 - S. Emmette, US Military

Awesome thank you I appreciate your great customer service!

• April 1 - Dr. Naweed

I recently had the pleasure of using this on myself, great tool.  I am sports chiropractor and I perform several hours of manual therapy per day, so you can imagine how my arms feel at the end of the day.  This tool has helped me quite a bit.  Thanks.

• March 29 - Scott

Yes, I can honestly say that the Armaid is one of the best things I stumbled on and I use it religiously.  I always tell people about the Armaid if anyone ever mentions issues with their hands/arms.  Are you sure about no charge?  Of course everyone wants things free but I would prefer for you all to stay in business, if nothing else for my own benefit. :)

• March 24 - S. Frank, Illinois

Carpal Tunnel Master, Hilma let me know about you.  I mainly got it for my daughter, who has a really bad problem with her arm (elbow) area. She had some therapy, they now have made it worse, now she is scheduled for surgery.  She has tried using Armaid, but it has hurt OW, OW a lot. So not sure it will help before, but hoping it will after and healed. Therapist scraped her arm...dumb, dumb!

• March 23 - C. Loranc, Florida

I am a former certified personal trainer, wrestler, and currently a climber and a biologist.  I've been using this for a few weeks, it feels so good!  At first I had to learn where not to press, i.e. just boney and tendinous areas. And I saw a comment about using this only in a motion toward the body. I tend to follow the advice of the creator and remain on sensitive areas and rock back and forth a bit, opening and rotating my hand.  This is such a great product, I came in to purchase the device because of what I believe to be medial epicondylitis.  Now I'm massaging the entire forearm and some of my upper arm and it feels great.  I hope the next time I climb, the pain and inflammation will subside.  However, I'm concerned about putting pressure on my elbows during my time at a desk. I am wondering what testimonials you have from people with a similar issue?  Thank you for the product!

• March 21 - Jamie Rahn, New Jersey

I own and operate a parkour gym called Pinnacle Parkour Academy in NJ.  I'm reaching out to your company because I have been using your product for 2 years now and find it wonderful! I would love to be able to award your product to our top athletes, and help promote your product at the event. The event is next month, Feb 4th. If you have any questions or ideas I would love to speak with you. 

• March 17 - Mark O., Canada

Rock climbing.  This thing is great!

• March 16 - Tori Poland, Stanford Climbing Wall

We would like to express our deepest appreciation for your sponsorship of the Climbers Race Against Gravity (CRAG) climbing festival and bouldering competition at Stanford University. We could not have done it without your support! We are proud to announce that Stanford took 1st and 2nd place in both the men and women’s divisions of Saturday’s Collegiate Climbing Series Competition.

• March 16 - Victoria T., New Zealand

Purchased the Armaid for my partner after he researched products to assist pain in his elbows when weight training. He stated the Armaid is excellent. Will be recommending your product to family, friends and colleagues. Many thanks.

• March 14 - Jason M.

My Armaid arrived all the way to the bottom of the world.  I have used the Armaid over the last two days and what a great device. I will be recommending the Armaid to others. Many thanks for your assistance. 

• March 10 - Kensai H., New Jersey

As a Massage Therapist and rock climber the Armaid is an essential tool for effective self-care.

• March 2  - Tim S.

Just wanted to let you know that the Armaid arrived!  Looking forward to it.

• February 20 - Andy B.

After a solid year of use my Armaid finally is showing wear.  The little "tooth" on the white bar inside of the foam roller has snapped off.  P.S.  This weird looking thing has saved my arms on many occasions.  Thanks for making a product I actually use and need on a regular basis.

• February 17  - Wind Cloud - gymnast

I live in South Korea.  Finally, I received Extreme Armaid. This product is really great. Great! Awesome!  Perfect!

• February 15 - Kees L.

I'm an active climber and gymnast from the Netherlands.  I know a lot of people with wrist or arm pains. Today I came across your product and I'm impressed by it.  It really looks like it could help a lot of people at my climbing gym and gymnastics association.

• February 14 - William N.

Amazing!  Changed my flipping life.  After 25 years of other treatments now I can play piano all I want.  Bless you.

• February 9 - Fredrik P., Sweden

The only thing that relieves my hand pain is massage.  The Armaid works wonders.  I saw a few people who recommended it on several forums.

• February 7 - James M., Connecticut

Thank you.  The Armaid is a fantastic device.  Should have bought this a few years ago.  I cannot express how grateful I am for finding your product.  I will definitely be recommending your product to my friends and family.  Thank you.

• February 6 - James N., Nebraska

I am purchasing another Armaid as a gift for a factory worker and mother of 4 I met.  She needs this to keep on working to support her family. This is the best gift I can give her.

• January 31 - Dustin B., Wisconsin 

Great product! Simple and easy to use, and best of all, effective in relieving elbow pain.

• January 31 - Renato C., Brazil  

Just wanted to take the opportunity to say: Thank You!!  For creating such a great device and giving folks like myself a way to deal with pain on our own.  Very frustrating encounters with physical therapists and doctors have brought me to this self-care path.  I'm dealing with forearm and wrist pain from my daily work.  My Armaid just arrived in Brazil today, and I started testing it out. First impressions: loving it!  I have been watching all the instructional videos while I waited for it to arrive.  I'm confident it will be one of my main tools in getting my strength back.  My most sincere thanks.

• January 31 - Patrick H., California  

Love the Armaid.  Enjoying great relief from golfers elbow.

• January 30 - Luke A., USA 

I have been getting back into climbing and think I am developing medial tendonosis.  I was diagnosed with medial tendonosis last summer and rested my arms for a month or two before returning to climbing.  I was ramping up my training when I felt the tendonosis return.  My primary care physician recommended Armaid.

• January 29 - Brian G., Canada  

I just wanted to send a quick email, and tell you how much I love this product.  I recently got out of the army after 11 years as an infantryman and I’m currently a Technology Analyst, so basically my body is destroyed and I live on my computer.  A few months ago, my wrists started to hurt, so I decided to strengthen my grip and arms.  I used a product which then made my condition worse.  I was only able to use my right hand for maybe a minute before the pain was unbearable.  Fear of losing my job, I went to my primary care physician looking for a solution. He initially told me to try physical therapy, which was not an option seeing my health insurance did not cover much and the cost would get overwhelming.  After a little Google searching, I found your product.  After the first use of your product, I was amazed, I could use my hand again and the pain in my wrist went away.  I cannot express how grateful I am for finding your product.  I will definitely be recommending your product to my friends and family.

• January 21 - JR, USA - wrist problems

5 Stars

I broke a piece of my Armaid (the piece that locks the interchangeable rollers in). ((Completely my fault on the break!) I emailed them and they very quickly mailed me out a couple replacement pieces.  Very good product and service thanks.

• January 18 - J. S., USA

I look forward to using a quality product designed and made in America.

• January 18 - L. Peterson, Iowa

I like the Armaid very much!

• January 17 - Product Improvements on Armaid – comments on the upgrades to jig used for drilling the hole in the therapy balls:

"Hey nice one, keep posting!”
"Very interesting to see what goes into the manufacturing of these, love it!"
"Great pictures, found you through hashtags"
 "Keep killing it!"

• January 13 - Jamie Rahn - Pinnacle Parkour Academy in New Jersey

I'm reaching out to your company because I have been using your product for 2 years now and find it wonderful!  I would love to be able to award your product to our top athletes, and help promote your product at events.

• January 12 - Anonymous, USA

This is a remarkable tool.  It's been non-stop exploration and relief, thank you!  Arms, triceps, biceps, the whole dang thing.  Amazing.  I can think of friends that could benefit from your device.

• January 12 - K. G., Texas

Thank you for a great product, have had it less than a week and already making a huge difference. I'm a firefighter and decreasing my forearm/tendon pain is a priority.  I'll recommend the product to anyone I know with the same issues.

• January 1, 2017 - D. P., USA

Hi! First off, thank you so much guys!!!!  My tendonitis in my left arm, behind my elbow, is completely GONE!  I noticed it was gone after about 2 months of using the Armaid regularly and I have not felt any residual pain since then.  I have been able to climb regularly to my heart's delight, Woo hoo! =) I bring it to the crag and to all climbing events. It easily attaches to the outside of my pack's compression straps and people are always asking me about it and trying it.  I've had a few people ask me where they can buy it and have referred them to your site!

• December 27 - J. DiPietro, Virginia

So far, so great! Sore, but loving it.

• December 1 - Education Department, California

My baseball athletes love it! So far so good!

• November 2 - N. G., California


• October 31 - B. S., Australia

Have had painful Tennis Elbow and Armaid has been brilliant. In a few days, the pain has reduced by 80%

• October 31 - M.E., California

Thank you for what you do!

• October 26 - P.K., California

It goes hand-in-hand with the joy I never get tired of having when a person has their first "ah-ha" moment during a demo.  If only there was a virtual reality way of getting them to their ah-ha moment online.

• October 26 - Lulu Productions, LOVE Campaign

It's [Armaid] stuck on desert island worthy.

• October 25 - B., Texas

That's very generous of your company. Thank you for taking care of your customers. I am a trainer and have had chronic medial and lateral tendinitis for years. This product is the only thing that has given me any Lasting results.

• October 21 - K., Canada

That is a-w-e-s-o-m-e! Thank you so very much, I really appreciate it.  I will definitely spread the word, as Armaid has been a lifeline for me, and your honesty has been shocking haha.  First time a company has ever checked up on my order and noticed that it was free, and then reached out to me to let me know (and proceeded to refunded me).

• October 18 - SILVIS, South Korea

I will tell this story to my customers so that they can realize how you and the Armaid Company has worked to give their customers a full satisfaction.

• October 17 - L.G., Florida

Love it, definitely helps loosen up my arms and get into knots but I have huge bruises and I don't feel like I'm going harder than a 4 on scale 1-10. Overall great tool.

• October 16 - G. I., New York

This device is amazing.  I'm a musician, and also spend long hours at the computer editing audio.  Armaid has offered me so much relief! Thank you!

• October 14 - A. V., Wisconsin

I do love the Armaid.  It is the best forearm self-care tool I have found to date, and am definitely spreading the word.

• September 25 - N.M., Australia

I'm a massage therapist, and the Armaid is the only thing that keeps me going.  I'd like an Armaid with a longer roller/ball section.  I'd also like an equivalent for calves. 

• September 14 – Flight Chief, USA

Thank you so much for your help and the discount.  It always feels nice to know that my military service is appreciated.  I know a lot of people in my line of work will appreciate this product.  

• September 10 - N. C., California

Great product so far. Bought for boyfriend who rock climbs quite often.

• September 9 – A. W., Kentucky

Great addition to my "tool box"

• September 7 - Lulu Productions, (Part of Armaid Affiliate Team)

It is my pleasure to promote the greatest massage tool ever invented!

• September 2 – M. Nelson, California

I love this so far. I'm a rock climber and software engineer so I never give my forearms a chance to rest. Armaid has relieved all of my chronic pain.

• September 1 -  F.

I purchased an Armaid around New Year's to soothe both my weary elbows afflicted by golfers’ tendonitis. The Armaid was a total revelation, and I experienced great success in finding tightness in parts of my arm that I had no idea were even there.  Unfortunately, I reached a real plateau in my recovery. Once I started resuming old activities my elbows flared up again.  Of all the therapies I've tried in the past six years, Armaid was far-and-away the most effective.

• August 31 – Danny, Thailand

I really want to commend you, and I love how your small company is committed to helping people, and getting better. 

• August 30 – Ellio Blox, Canada, (Part of Armaid Affiliate Team)

The Armaid is a nasty little torture device... and I love it.  It's perfect for acrobats, climbers, and movers of all flavors.  I put this to the test during 9 weeks if intense acrobatics training and am a huge fan. The biggest barrier I face to sustained training is pain in my wrists and this thing kept it at bay admirably. I recommend getting the full range of attachments as each has their place in intelligent healing. As annoying as it is to transport, as I write this review I'm on a 2 month teaching tour around Europe and it's strapped to my backpack.  Considering it costs barely more than an hour massage, I would highly recommend it for anyone active in a sport or movement that is demanding of arms and hands.

• August 29 – N.H., Vermont

I can’t wait to start using it!

• August 14 – C. B., Montana

Love it! Thank you!

• August 13 – A. M., Australia

My powerlifting coach purchased the product and can't speak highly enough, so I wanted one for myself.

• August 9 - USA

Let the torture begin @ArmaidCo #thankyou this I'm sure is going to help me get back to full use.

• August 3 – Dr. Andy, California

I’m a big advocate still because they really are the best products out there. 

• August 2 - USA Military

I am writing The Armaid Team to see if you would be willing to send our unit a care package with some of your products to improve moral of the soldiers. We all love the Armaid product and would be very thankful for anything you could help us with. This would in no way be an endorsement rather a gesture of kindness to help some soldiers located halfway around the world that are missing the little bits of home tremendously.

• July 27 - Anonymous

I love the action of this device. Great massage tool. The only room for improvement would be if the distance from the massage balls could be closer to the base. I feel like I have to hold my arm almost straight out while using it, which makes it hard to relax.

• July 27 - B. M., Canada

Manual therapist and trainer. Love this tool!

• July 20 – D.G., Australia

I found your Armaid device through a search on local websites. I also reviewed the videos and testimonials. I received my Armaid today and have already found some immediate relief. I'm looking forward to the long term results of continued use......Thanks!

• July 7 - KD Vickers

Joe Daniels recommended Armaid! I am a full time railroad CO and a part time LMT and deal with a lot of forearm tendinitis related to my occupation. I mentioned to Joe that I was using Roleo. He told me that your product blows Roleo away!! IT Does!! Wow! I love everything about it! The features are ingenious! I’ll be sure to recommend it to my fellow LMT s and clients!

• June 2 - Andres Marin, Alaska

Thanks a ton for such a great product! I used it a lot while on this expedition in Alaska and really help my arms to stay relax and pain free.  I'm heading to the Peruvian Andes for a 6 week alpine climbing expedition. I will have it with me and be sending you some cool photos!  Thanks again for helping my arms :)

• April 29 - Paul Andrejczak and son, Texas

5 Stars

I bought both units. Right now we are using the rubbit model on his arm and it is all he needs. When his arm is sore or elbow is tender he uses it himself and feels better immediately. He has had golfers elbow before.

• April 28 - Darren Roebuck, Colorado

5 Stars

My girlfriend and I love this. I do a lot of computer work, and it has alleviated my carpel tunnel symptoms. She is a body worker, garden designer and works with a lot of stone. She finds a great deal of relief from the rigors she puts on her hands and arms. It helps give her a "reset" at the end of the day.

• April 27- J.Y., France

Maybe this Armaid can take off in France. There is a climbing wall in Albertville, and a proper rock about 20 minutes from here. There is an active scene. Besides, if I sit out by the rock with this device it will surely start a conversation, en francais. The French will think I am from England, I tell them I am American, and it goes like that!

• April 22 - J.Z., North Carolina

Today the Armaid you sent me arrived! It felt like Christmas. I opened the box to find a miracle tool that is going to enable me to work through my tendonitis and push myself as a climber. Thank you. From the new biggest fan of the Armaid Company.

• April 21 - E.B., The World, (Joined Affiliate Team)

I'm a professional Acrobatics Teacher and I recently ordered an Armaid. To be frank, I love it. Your product has brought me a lot of much-needed pain relief in my forearms and wrists.  I am currently teaching and training at Pitch Catch Circus School in Asheville, NC and many of my students and peers have quite enjoyed using the Armaid that I purchased.

• April 18 - I. W., Texas

I received a Facebook message saying I won a rubbit. If so, I need to give you my mailing address while fighting back these tears of joy that threaten to come cascading from my eyes like one of the many waterfalls your wonderful organization works to protect.

• April 16 - S.Y., South Carolina

I am a massage therapist and have been in need of self care products for my forearms. Just got the Armaid and tried it out this morning. Totally awesome! I love it, and I will be showing it off to all my massage therapist friends! Thanks!

• April 13 - Molly M., Texas

5 Stars

I suffer from forearm tightness from overuse from gardening, cleaning or anything I overdo. I also have arthritis in my hands, especially the thumb joints.

I have been wanting to thank Terry for coming up with this wonderful tool! I have had arm, wrist and hand issues my entire adult life. Massage therapy, while beneficial, has never given me any real relief mostly due to the time factor( not spending the time focusing on the arm) Now that I am 60 years old and have added arthritis of the hands to my woes, I  am in serious pain when I overuse, which is often. When I found Armaid online, I realized that someone had finally created exactly what I needed to keep going in life! I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart as I am so grateful for your ingenuity in the creation of this tool and making it available for purchase. You are awesome!!

• April 13 - S. R., Canada

Well, I saw you guys on YouTube and I said to myself I have tried almost everything, I have nothing to lose by trying Armaid. So, a week ago I bought it and it gives me a great relief when I am on pain. Thank you

• April 2 - M. M., Finland

I'm climber and this is the only product that really works massaging the arm muscles. Especially with the orange ball... a really nice product. :)

• March 30 – J. Hunter, Massachusetts

4 Stars

Armaid saved my bacon. Well, my arm actually. Had a problem with my elbow from golf, compounded with climbing to the point I could not touch my mouth with my right hand or reach behind my head. A friend who is a former climber mentioned Armaid, "you have to get one, just google Armaid.”  I did that, placed the order. Ironically, had a Dr. appointment on a Monday 5p.m. on way home from work. Doc says, don't do anything for 2 weeks, here’s a RX- script for anti-inflammatory. Arrived home after Dr. appointment. Armaid at the door. Checked out the Armaid video, used the device and immediately after the first session I felt immediate relief. No anti-inflammatory needed. Went back to golf and climbing after several days, my arm has not felt this good in several years. Thank you Armaid.

• March 18 - Mike G., Canada

5 Stars

I'm a climber and guitar/bass guitar player.  I had tendonitis in both elbows for about a year and a half.  The Armaid fixed it in a week and a half.  Considering a massage therapist in Canada can cost $60-$120 per hour, I would say that the Armaid is a steal (and a steal that actually works)! I recommend it to all of my friends!

• March 17 - E. B., Washington

Thank you for giving me the military discount.  It means a lot!!

• March 4 - Andres Marin, The World, Colorado

We meet at the winter OR show.  I'm an athlete for Petzl, Millet, Julbo, FiveTen and GU.
Also I work as a mountain guide all over the world.  Wanted to send you this photo that I took in AK while alpine climbing.  Also THANK you a lot for making such a great product.  This thing put my elbow tendinitis to sleep :)  Huge thanks and looking forward to check out your new product.

February 23 - Rick Wood, Vermont

5 Stars

Outta the park!

I've been studying self-treatment of trigger points for a few years now and have developed quite a few methods and techniques of handling them.  However my arms and calves have stymied me at every turn.

Just the other day I was dreaming of a pinching, levered, device and a stumbled across an image of the rubbit®.  Didn't give it more than a passing thought knowing I'd either tinker something myself or come back to yours for a better looksee.

Anyhow my wife was at the APTA conference in CA last week when your booth caught her eye...then the rubbit® did.  She simply asked you, "How Much?" explaining this is exactly what her husband has been looking for, and she bought it no questions asked, no sales pitch, NADA!

First time I tried it I was in "exquisite pain" and felt many TPs resolving themselves.  Can't wait to see how I am doing a week from now!

• February 16 - Ben, West Coast

I'm an enormous fan of your wonderful invention: the Armaid.  It's a godsend for my forearm/elbow issues.  

• February 16 - Alex T., Maryland

Love the Armaid.  Thanks again for this great tool!

(We post reviews how they come to us.  We rarely receive a less than positive review.  This may make reading these unique and it definitely makes coming to work at The Armaid Company, Inc. wonderful.  Thank you everyone!  Best of health!)

• February 12 - Todd G.

I'm a rock climber and like many others as I started to push the grades, I developed elbow issues.  Over time it got so bad that it was very painful to just hold a glass of water.  I tried massage, therapeutic arm bands, stretches, etc., but nothing helped.
Then I came across a fellow climber that was using an Armaid.  After trying his, I immediately purchased one.  This was May of 2014.  Within a few weeks my elbows were dramatically better and I was quickly sending my hardest routes to date.  I can't thank you enough for making this product.  However I did want to report one small issue.  The elastic band dried out and snapped late last year.  We do have a very dry climate.  Again thank you for a wonderful tool that has been a godsend.

• February 12 Chris Calzone, California

5 Stars

Armaid is just about miraculous. Excellent product that not only does what you expect it to, but actually does more. 

My only criticisms, and I'm nitpicking are:

Using my thigh as a stabilizer is not the best. I honestly don't know a better alternative though. I guess if I could clamp it to a tabletop that might work.

The size-adjustment mechanism can slip sometimes if you're not careful/aware. Or because it's so easy to use, sometimes I just forget entirely to set it at all and this makes a difference between my forearm and upper arm.

The safety locking pin is a little hard to remove and insert. This could actually be a big deal if you're not strong enough as pulling it out can actually cause forearm strain.

I wish it would go big enough for my calves!

• February 9 - Mark, Alabama

5 Stars

I wasted my time on a lot of other treatments before trying the Armaid on my elbow tendonitis, including physical therapy. I developed it from CrossFit type activities. This thing got rid of a case of tendonitis I had battled for 8 months. When you get sick of the pain, BUY THIS PRODUCT, you won't regret it.

February 3 – Daniel, California

Loved it at LA Fit Expo!