The USA Production  – Armaid®

• Smith Brothers, Inc.


Established in 1945, Smith Brothers, Inc. has been with The Armaid Company since its inception. Committed to quality, Glen and Ameda Smith started manufacturing out of a garage until they could move to the present facility just north of Old Town San Diego, California.

• Diemold Machine Co., Inc.


Diemold manufactures injection molded plastic products. They make the basic blue Armaid parts. With a unique proprietary blend of fibers Armaid has a unique, rugged, "we dare you to break it" body. Oly, Karen and the crew at Diemold has been serving our company for many years. They are based in Florida.

• CustomFab, Inc.


Based in California, this company has been with us since the beginning. Their work can be seen in medical supplies and military outfitting. The neoprene strap CustomFab, Inc. makes for us is of the highest craftsmanship. This strap enhances the excellence and durability of Armaid and the clients use.

• Boxes & Bags Unlimited - Lewiston, Maine

• O-Rings West, Inc. - Seattle, Washington

• Machining Technologies, Inc. - Elmore, Ohio

• Craft Rubber, Inc. - Los Angeles, California

• McMaster Carr, Inc. - Cleveland, Ohio