What are Armaid® and Rolflex™?

How do I know if your tools are right for me?

Both of my arms and hands are sore. Can I still use Armaid® or Rolflex™?

How can I tell if Armaid® is not the right tool for me?

Do I need any other equipment or a power supply to Armaid® or Rolflex™?

What is the difference between Armaid® and Rolflex™?

I have questions about whether your tools are right for me. Do you have a therapist I can talk to?

Can I return Armaid® or Rolflex™ if I don’t like them?

How do I use Armaid®/Rolflex™?

How much pressure do I use when I am squeezing the tools arms together or rubbing my body?

How often should I use these tools?

How long until I see results?

Once I feel better, should I continue using these tools?

Which Armaid®/Rolflex™ rollers do I need?

What professional massage therapies do your tools integrate?

Isn’t rubbing a tennis ball on my arm just as good as using your tools?

Do you offer a military discount?

Are your tools eligible for medical reimbursement?

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