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Grey Roller

Grey Roller

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A good starter roller as clients work up to the firmer rollers, especially for arms with low muscle mass.  It was specifically designed for areas in the thumb, wrist and elbow.  To glide smoothly on the surface of the arm, use with oil, lotion, or over a long shirt sleeve.

    Chronically overused finger muscles can create tendinitis, or trigger finger, de Quervains, at their tendons.  Like all overused muscles, they can become tight and short causing pain, inflammation and loss of finger use.  Some of the muscles that extend and abduct the thumb are quite thin and easily become tight from overuse.  Because the thinner muscles of the thumb can be located in boney areas at the wrist and forearm, use the soft Grey Roller to lighten the therapy effect and provide comfort when applying the Trigger Point Therapy Technique.

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