Strange Shape, Strong Results

What is Armaid?

ArmiadA strange and powerful tool for you to fix your own arms and hands. It is based on a lever design, maximizing your therapy.

This is serious therapy. Users must be willing to take action for their own health.

How is Armaid Used

Anywhere! It is portable and does not need a table. In the beginning, use Armaid for 2 to 3 minutes, 2 to 3 times a day. The user puts their arm in between the devices arms and regulates oppositional pressure on sore spots.

Most people experience results within minutes or hours. Long-standing issues may take 2 to 3 weeks. We have "saved careers' and "lives." (We are not making this up.)

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The Convenience of Armaid

Armaid weighs 1-pound. It's smaller than a tennis racket. It can be ordered with an Instructional DVD for guidance. It has 4 different attachments for each condition or preference. It can strap to your leg. It rotates 360 degrees to provide therapy to any part of your arm. Armaid ships fully assembled.

Carry it to the gym, top of the crag, in your carry-on luggage or in your briefcase.

Armaid Package

Includes the following: 1 White Roller, 1 Grey Roller, Permanent Support Roller, Neoprene Leg Strap, 1 Tab, Rubber Band, Instructional DVD, 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, 10-year Warranty, Support service including Skype video-calls with therapist

Armaid Only

The essential Armaid includes the following: 1 White Roller, Permanent Support Roller, 1 Tab, 1 Rubber Band,30-Day Money Back Guarantee, 10-year Warranty, Support service including Skype video-calls with therapist

Orange Roller

Extreme therapy. Created because of client demand. This is the most dense roller and is for clients with strong, heavily muscled arm. It provides a focused, intense therapy for only those that can handle it. It is not for general use. Extensive muscle mass is a requirement.

Black Roller

The softest of the 4 rollers. To be used when gentle circulation needs to be introduced into highly painful or sensitive areas anywhere on the arm or hand. Use this roller for lymphedema or pump relief.

White Roller

The most popular and 2nd most dense roller for Armaid. Designed for general use on the arm, elbow and hand where there is sufficient muscle mass for deep treatment of trigger points and tight tissue.

Grey Roller

This medium density semi-soft attachment allows treatment of tender and sensitive areas particularly where muscles are too sore or tight to use the hard balls or where there is modest muscle mass.